10000W ব্রাশলেস মোটর 72v স্কুটার সর্বোচ্চ গতি 120km/h বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার

The headlight on the scooter is massive and brightens the street forward. The display on the scooter lets you see the speedometer, throttle degree, and battery level. The seat of the scooter is leather-based one and can accommodate two adults.



বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার 20000w

বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার প্রাপ্তবয়স্ক

স্কুটার বৈদ্যুতিক প্রাপ্তবয়স্ক

ফ্রেম উচ্চ শক্তি অ্যালুমিনিয়াম খাদ 6061, পৃষ্ঠ পেইন্ট
কাঁটা কাঁটা সামনের কাঁটা এবং পিছনের কাঁটা
বৈদ্যুতিক যন্ত্রপাতি 11 “72V 10000W ব্রাশবিহীন দাঁতযুক্ত উচ্চ গতির মোটর
নিয়ামক 72V 70SAH*2 টিউব ভেক্টর সাইনোসয়েডাল ব্রাশলেস কন্ট্রোলার (মিনি টাইপ)
ব্যাটারি 72V 40AH-45AH মডিউল লিথিয়াম ব্যাটারি (Tian energy 21700)
মিটার LCD গতি, তাপমাত্রা, পাওয়ার ডিসপ্লে এবং ফল্ট ডিসপ্লে
জিপিএস অবস্থান এবং টেলিকন্ট্রোল অ্যালার্ম
ব্রেকিং সিস্টেম একটি ডিস্কের পরে, আন্তর্জাতিক পরিবেশগত প্রয়োজনীয়তাগুলির সাথে সম্মতিতে ক্ষতিকারক পদার্থ থাকে না
ব্রেক হ্যান্ডেল পাওয়ার ব্রেকিং ফাংশন সহ অ্যালুমিনিয়াম খাদের ফোরজিং ব্রেক
পাগড়ি ZhengXin টায়ার 11 ইঞ্চি
হেডলাইট LED লেন্টিকুলার উজ্জ্বল হেডলাইট এবং ড্রাইভিং লাইট
সর্বোচ্চ গতি 110km
এক্সটেনশন মাইলেজ 115-120km
মোটর প্রতি পিস 5000 ওয়াট
চাকা 11inch
নেট ওজন এবং স্থূল ওজন 54kg / 63kg
পণ্যের আকার L*w*h: 1300*560*1030 (মিমি)
প্যাকেজিং আকার L*w*h: 1330*320*780 (মিমি)

Exercise bikes are nice for toning your legs. To do this, it’s a must to do workout routines that burn calories, which positively can embrace riding an exercise bike. One in all the primary capabilities of an train bike is that will help you burn calories, however all that pedaling can be going that will help you tone some of your muscles. Since you must create a deficit of approximately 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound, figuring out on the bike at even that reasonable tempo will get you there over time. According to estimates from Harvard Health Publishing, on average, a 155-pound person will burn about 260 calories in 30 minutes riding a stationary সাইকেল at a moderate pace. With an upright place, your legs’ weight helps you progress the pedals, making less work to your legs but more work for your trunk, which has to stabilize your physique. Among the many muscles that can get a workout are the quadriceps of your thighs, the hamstrings on the back of your higher legs, your calf muscles and your abdominals. While it isn’t quite the same as riding out there on the highway, indoor cycling can provide help to tone up your legs, get in shape and, if you do it at the least a hundred and fifty minutes of moderate-depth cycling a week, keep you in compliance with the minimum train suggestions for all adults, in response to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In relation to getting shapelier legs, an enormous part of the equation is lowering the fats that’s surrounding your current muscles. If you have ever seen the killer legs of a competitive cyclist, then you need to have a pretty good idea of what bicycling goes to do in your bottom half.
It is product of solid material. The scooter has a hand-operated rear brake which helps to stop the scooter with out slipping. You’ll be able to alter the peak of the seat and the handle according to your need. It has a high torque value which maintains solid speed even with a heavy load on the scooter. Safety: This scooter has a 6″ PU tire, which offers a smooth trip. Design: The seat is padded, which supplies additional cushioning while riding. They final for an extended duration than different tires, and they’re resistant to cuts and tears. Less motor energy in comparison with different scooters. This motor permits you to succeed in a prime velocity of 7.5mph. It is a noiseless motor and is not going to disturb your neighbors. Polyurethane tires can handle excessive weight. It additionally helps you maintain the speed of the scooter. Power: The scooter has a chain-pushed motor of one hundred twenty W, which helps to speed up the scooter shortly.
Lithium-ion batteries are the lightest and don’t want a lot upkeep. All have different options and are good in several areas. It has excessive torque and has a speed of 15 mph. The nickel-metallic hydride batteries are lighter but expensive. They also give 40% more power as in comparison with different batteries. The bamboo deck is huge, making it comfortable for adults. A. There are lots of great choices out there on the marketplace for electric scooters. How lengthy does an electric scooter battery last? I found the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter higher than most others. The hand brakes also guarantee safety as they are easy to adjust and suitable for all weather circumstances. Torque will assist rotate the wheel sooner and enhance the scooter’s acceleration. They provide a great efficiency and have a low rate of self-discharge. In contrast, lead-acid batteries are heavier and cheaper, however they produce excessive currents instantly, which makes them common available on the market. What are one of সেরা বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার for adults?
The particular person sitting on the back can rest their feet on the footrest to have a cushty ride. Design: The LED show on the scooter will make it easier to monitor the battery levels. It might hold up to 100 lb and is useful for holding extra luggage and useful objects. Any of the batteries used in the scooter, as soon as fully charged, present highly environment friendly output to let you take pleasure in a fun journey. The 9.5″ tires present stability on a bumpy street. This scooter has a luggage rack connected on top of the rear wheel. You’ll be able to accommodate a basket or golf bag if you need on this electric scooter for adults. Deck size is small in comparison with other electric scooter bikes. Battery: The scooter gives you completely different battery dimension options: 12, 20, and 30 Ah. The steel and carbon fiber will increase the strength of the scooter’s body and gives it a strong build. The loud alarm and horn will enhance your safety on the streets by alerting others.
The headlight on the scooter is massive and brightens the street forward. The display on the scooter lets you see the speedometer, throttle degree, and battery level. The seat of the scooter is leather-based one and can accommodate two adults. Battery: The lithium batteries of this scooter are of 60 V/30 Ah capacity. There’s a course indicator that may help you make smooth turns and advertise your upcoming turns to other drivers. The 12″ vacuum tubeless tires provide excellent stability on the highway and are puncture resistant. The integrated controller within the scooter will help regulate energy movement from the battery and alter the scooter’s acceleration. Design: The steel body of the scooter makes it robust and durable. Also, the scooter has an integrated taillight on the rear with a brake mild that may alert the riders behind you. It takes 4 – 6 hours to totally charge the battery, and you may journey for as much as 40 miles on a single cost.
The LED lights on the rear and entrance make you visible to other riders whereas driving at night time. You possibly can monitor the battery stage on show and cost it when needed. The silent motor offers a reasonable pace and horn that means that you can drive safely and makes this scooter a reasonable choice as among the best electric scooter bikes for adults. The cheaper sealed lead-acid batteries will take less time and allow you to start the scooter fast. The display system will show battery standing, and you’ve got a key start possibility to start your scooter. Design: The kickstand of the scooter will make it easier to park easily, and two padded seats make it a cushty ride for two adults. Battery: Once you charge the battery for four – eight hours, you can obtain the 60 V whole capacity of your battery. However, they are heavy as they’re giant compared to other battery types.
The kickstand is an electric reduce-off sort that can instantly turn the engine off when the stand is up. This highly environment friendly motor can provide you with a pace output of up to 37 mph. This will save the battery and maintain the motor’s efficiency, making it one of the best electric scooters for adults. On this scooter, the gear is added to the motor, and this increases the torque output and reduces the speed so that the motor works effectively. Safety: You can simply alter the gear levels with the help of the gear throttle and alter the speed of your scooter. Power: This electric scooter bike for adults has a QS brand motor of 2000 W which is brushless and DC geared. Gear throttle has ranges. High energy DC geared motor. It’s a bit costly. Comfortable seats for 2. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are very environment friendly and powerful, they usually require only restricted pressure if you apply them. Multiple colour options are available.
If you need an electric scooter bike for adults, then you are in the right place. The highest 7 electric scooter bikes for adults. Answers to some FAQs. The hub motor is in the rear wheel of the scooter, and it is very mild, low cost and wishes little upkeep. The 350 W motor has excessive torque and has a speed of 15 mph. Carrier is removable when not needed. The noise-free hub motor and the extra advantage of with the ability to attach a basket make it a should-have choice as an electric scooter for adults. Battery longevity may very well be better. The padded seat is snug. Power: This Razor electric scooter is an ideal choose for an electric scooter bike for adults because it has a highly environment friendly hub-driven motor. My personal high three electric scooter bikes for adults based mostly on motor energy, battery life, security, design, and general worth.

This text accommodates the top 7 electric scooter bikes for adults, along with a deep dive into each scooter. I became acquainted with these traits, too, after wanting by practically 30 products. Due to my limited student finances, I find myself taking the bus to get round, so I started searching for a greater but reasonably priced methodology of transportation. I am a PhD student, so I find myself swinging between my school, gym, office and grocery retailer quite regularly. A good friend of mine prompt an electric scooter bike might clear up my drawback, and so my seek for one of the best electric scooter bikes for adults started. You could also be acquainted with electric scooter bikes and their protected, efficient, and environmentally pleasant nature. After I finished my analysis, I created a shortlist of the 7 finest electric scooter bikes based on criteria similar to their motor’s energy, battery life, security, design, and other features.

অতিরিক্ত তথ্য

ওজন 65 কেজি
মাত্রা 134 × 45 × 55 সেমি

পণ্য ভিডিও

পণ্য সেবা

  • ব্র্যান্ড: OEM/ODM/Haibadz
  • ন্যূনতম অর্ডার পরিমাণ: 1 টুকরা / টুকরা
  • সরবরাহের ক্ষমতা: প্রতি মাসে 3000 পিস / পিস
  • পোর্ট: শেনজেন/গুয়াংঝো
  • পেমেন্ট শর্তাবলী: T/T/, L/C, PAYPAL, D/A, D/P
  • 1 পিস মূল্য: 1711usd প্রতি পিস
  • 10 পিস মূল্য: 1655usd প্রতি পিস


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