সস্তা 11 ইঞ্চি বেগুনি ইলেকট্রিক স্কুটার এলইডি সেলফ ব্যালেন্সিং স্কুটার

Have a bike store examine the bike over if you’re new to bike mechanics. Press the bearing safety caps onto every wheel hub by hand. Obtain a front or rear tricycle bike brake from a bicycle shop or bicycle accessory outlet.



বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার জুম

বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার শূন্য 11x

বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার শূন্য 9

ফ্রেম উচ্চ শক্তি অ্যালুমিনিয়াম খাদ 6061, পৃষ্ঠ পেইন্ট
কাঁটা কাঁটা সামনের কাঁটা এবং পিছনের কাঁটা
বৈদ্যুতিক যন্ত্রপাতি 11 “72V 10000W ব্রাশবিহীন দাঁতযুক্ত উচ্চ গতির মোটর
নিয়ামক 72V 70SAH*2 টিউব ভেক্টর সাইনোসয়েডাল ব্রাশলেস কন্ট্রোলার (মিনি টাইপ)
ব্যাটারি 72V 40AH-45AH মডিউল লিথিয়াম ব্যাটারি (Tian energy 21700)
মিটার LCD গতি, তাপমাত্রা, পাওয়ার ডিসপ্লে এবং ফল্ট ডিসপ্লে
জিপিএস অবস্থান এবং টেলিকন্ট্রোল অ্যালার্ম
ব্রেকিং সিস্টেম একটি ডিস্কের পরে, আন্তর্জাতিক পরিবেশগত প্রয়োজনীয়তাগুলির সাথে সম্মতিতে ক্ষতিকারক পদার্থ থাকে না
ব্রেক হ্যান্ডেল পাওয়ার ব্রেকিং ফাংশন সহ অ্যালুমিনিয়াম খাদের ফোরজিং ব্রেক
পাগড়ি ZhengXin টায়ার 11 ইঞ্চি
হেডলাইট LED লেন্টিকুলার উজ্জ্বল হেডলাইট এবং ড্রাইভিং লাইট
সর্বোচ্চ গতি 110km
এক্সটেনশন মাইলেজ 115-120km
মোটর প্রতি পিস 5000 ওয়াট
চাকা 11inch
নেট ওজন এবং স্থূল ওজন 54kg / 63kg
পণ্যের আকার L*w*h: 1300*560*1030 (মিমি)
প্যাকেজিং আকার L*w*h: 1330*320*780 (মিমি)

Organize the elements and the appropriate nuts and bolts in accordance with the procedures. Remove the forks. Save the cap nut, spacers and washers that you remove from the steering headset. Slide one of the offered inner wheel bearings onto every spindle. Some conversion kits could not include a alternative brake. Put the entrance wheels on the spindles. Connect the steering arms between the forks and the rack-and-pinion fittings on every spindle as described. Thread an axle nut on each spindle and tighten the nuts as described. Check the brakes before utilizing the bike to ensure they work. Typical connections have bushings that you simply set up or had been put in at the factory. Complete the attachment using the saved spacers, washers and cap nut. Install the tricycle forks into the headset. Read the list of required instruments and stage the instruments close by. Attach the twin axle to the forks as described within the instructions. Mount the fitting and left wheel plates and spindles on the dual axle. Install an outer bearing and bearing retainer in every wheel hub. Discuss with the directions for bushing installation, if crucial. Have a bike store examine the bike over if you’re new to bike mechanics. Press the bearing safety caps onto every wheel hub by hand. Obtain a front or rear tricycle bike brake from a সাইকেল shop or bicycle accessory outlet.
Mount the axle in the dropouts where the rear wheel was removed. Reattach the rear derailleur on a multispeed bike. The exiting cable and shifter remain with most conversions. Install the chain on the front and rear sprockets and join the grasp hyperlink. Remove the entrance wheel and the front facet-pull brake or disc brake caliper. Include any brackets, lock washers and spacers at each dropout. Depending on the conversion package, it may be needed to alter a high-swing or backside-swing derailleur. Mount the chain guard as described within the directions. Mount the bicycle on a stand or assist the bike upright utilizing wood blocks below the frame. Secure the attachments using the offered nuts and the suitable metric tools. Take the bike off the stand or remove the wood blocks from underneath the frame and chock the entrance wheel. Remove the brake cable and entrance brake hand lever. Review the conversion equipment instructions before you begin.
You’ll be able to convert grownup bikes or children’s bikes to a tricycle. Remove a rear aspect-pull brake, or disc brake caliper. Skip this step for single-speed bikes or bikes with a coaster brake. You’ve gotten a wide range of choices for changing your bike to a tricycle. Remove the rear derailleur on a multispeed bike and relaxation it on the bottom bracket. Build the rear axle and sprocket assembly as described. Knowledge of bicycle elements and a complement of hand tools are required when changing your bike to a tricycle. A front-wheel conversion provides a sporting element to the three-wheel expertise. Front and rear tricycle conversion kits can be found for single-speed and multispeed bikes. Remove the rear wheel and chain. Remove the brake cable and the rear brake hand lever. Organize the parts and the appropriate nuts and bolts according to the procedures. Typical rear-wheel conversions are perfect for youngsters and riders with special needs. Read the listing of required instruments and stage these near the bicycle.
When riding, we might be assured by the standard they provide. Hence, the IMoving scooter function is heavyweight building capacity and stable, sustainable performance over a time period. Next, the battery can also be long-lasting; when absolutely charged. Portable and comfortable, the IMoving Junior needs to be taken seriously as a result of this scooter can carry a load as much as 330 lbs. The scooter is easy to handle and is perfect for any degree riders. The scooter is designed with care, and the performance is invigorating. The motor of the iMoving Junior is powerful. The scooter is stronger than the similar scooters available in the market in the present day. The lightweight aluminum board can hold a max rider simply. Other than its extraordinary build quality, the design is also sleek and stunning. The braking system is insanely prime quality. 10Ah 48V battery makes sure that the scooter goes as much as 22 miles. The suspension is nicely-constructed and can take the heavyweights with its distinctive 80MM tremendous shock spring and high weight-bearing capacity.
Thus, the scooter is for hefty riders who love adventures and thrill as a result of the scooter’s maximum velocity is 50 mph(80.46kph). The braking system has entrance and rear disk brakes with ABS commonplace and 160mm disks. The scooter is properly built with a really durable frame and physique. It comes with a 2x 1200W base brushless motor that can reach an output of 5400W peak. Wolf Warrior is a fierce off-highway scooter. The display is effectively knowledgeable, and there are built-in fingerprint features. You should use Dualtron – Ultra e-scooter for hill climbing and off trails. Dualtron Ultra scooter comes with a heat sink to maintain the powerful motors. The battery is also powerful, which is LG/Samsung Li-ion 60V 35Ah battery. The scooter weighs 81 lbs and hence only for grownup riders. If you are riding at 50 mph, then another side that you should not overlook is brakes. We felt the only problem is that the scooter is eighty one lbs in weight and might not be appropriate for younger riders.
The emergency braking system uses disc brakes and can be very useful in emergency circumstances. Dualtron III is a excessive performing electric scooter with a placing design. The scooter is very large, and even if it has a superb foldable design, the portability is challenging. Similarly, 60 volt – 28 Ah – 1,658 Wh – LG 3500 celled batteries are current within the scooter. Dualtron III scooter has a climbing grade of 47% or 25 levels, depending on rider weight and state of charge. The deck is large and long. The mileage can also be glorious, 65 miles while you absolutely cost it, but the pace is okay that will get as much as forty mph. The LED gives additional visibility during the evening time. There are scooters with increased velocity at this value. With a fast charger, the battery may be charged in round 2.Three hours but takes 6 hours with two charging ports. The motor is a MAX 3,600 watt BLDC dual hub motor.
It comes with a big redback LED mild that gives a very good floor impact, plus sidelights and two big forward-dealing with LED headlights. Zero 11X is a strong scooter with an advanced motor, battery, and different options. The tires are extra important in comparison with other electric scooters. In the event you weigh about 330lb, this Zero – 11X may be the correct choice for you. The air-crammed tires are also durable and may journey on rough surfaces. The Wolf Warrior has a Minimotors EY3 Display connected to the handle that provides a customizable experience. Why? Because the scooter is heavily constructed with strong materials and may carry a maximum of 330lb easily. The scooter is not for learners but is made for skilled and grownup riders. Two motors are 3200W mixed, and these motors are known for their extreme energy. The motor makes this scooter go at high velocity and helps to balance the scooter easily.

It has distinctive tires, the place the entrance wheel is an air-adjustable inflatable tire. It is a scooter for newbie riders and comes with a 12-month guarantee. The scooter is straightforward to make use of and drive. The scooter takes around 3.5 hours to cost, which is fairly impressive. The scooter wants low maintenance and has a wonderful construct high quality. The scooter has a telephone holder. It has a quick-charging time. This electric scooter is portable and foldable. It has LED lights on the front and rear sides and holds a 300W electric motor and a 260Wh battery. It is lightweight and straightforward to hold around. Alternatively, the rear wheel is an airless tire. It has an airless rear tire. If you’re looking for a good, durable, and well-designed scooter for commuting, the Swagtron – Swagger 5T is the proper selection. It provides much less mileage, which is 11 miles(17.7 kilometers) whenever you fully charge it.

অতিরিক্ত তথ্য

ওজন 65 কেজি
মাত্রা 134 × 45 × 55 সেমি

পণ্য ভিডিও

পণ্য সেবা

ব্র্যান্ড: OEM/ODM/Haibadz
ন্যূনতম অর্ডার পরিমাণ: 1 টুকরা / টুকরা
সরবরাহের ক্ষমতা: প্রতি মাসে 3000 পিস / পিস
পোর্ট: শেনজেন/গুয়াংঝো
পেমেন্ট শর্তাবলী: T/T/, L/C, PAYPAL, D/A, D/P
1 পিস মূল্য: 1794usd প্রতি পিস
10 পিস মূল্য: 1705usd প্রতি পিস


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