কারখানা মূল্য ভাঁজযোগ্য বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার 10000W মোটর বৈদ্যুতিক কিক স্কুটার

When now we have a sting in our mind of buying two-wheelers and that too electric we by no means go for second hand, like that each particular person wishes to personal one two-wheeler in life. As everyone knows the world is developing as identical as the pollution so why not purchase some electric two-wheelers?



বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার শিকাগো

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electric scooters colorado springs

ফ্রেম উচ্চ শক্তি অ্যালুমিনিয়াম খাদ 6061, পৃষ্ঠ পেইন্ট
কাঁটা কাঁটা সামনের কাঁটা এবং পিছনের কাঁটা
বৈদ্যুতিক যন্ত্রপাতি 11 “72V 10000W ব্রাশবিহীন দাঁতযুক্ত উচ্চ গতির মোটর
নিয়ামক 72V 70SAH*2 টিউব ভেক্টর সাইনোসয়েডাল ব্রাশলেস কন্ট্রোলার (মিনি টাইপ)
ব্যাটারি 72V 40AH-45AH মডিউল লিথিয়াম ব্যাটারি (Tian energy 21700)
মিটার LCD গতি, তাপমাত্রা, পাওয়ার ডিসপ্লে এবং ফল্ট ডিসপ্লে
জিপিএস অবস্থান এবং টেলিকন্ট্রোল অ্যালার্ম
ব্রেকিং সিস্টেম একটি ডিস্কের পরে, আন্তর্জাতিক পরিবেশগত প্রয়োজনীয়তাগুলির সাথে সম্মতিতে ক্ষতিকারক পদার্থ থাকে না
ব্রেক হ্যান্ডেল পাওয়ার ব্রেকিং ফাংশন সহ অ্যালুমিনিয়াম খাদের ফোরজিং ব্রেক
পাগড়ি ZhengXin টায়ার 11 ইঞ্চি
হেডলাইট LED লেন্টিকুলার উজ্জ্বল হেডলাইট এবং ড্রাইভিং লাইট
সর্বোচ্চ গতি 110km
এক্সটেনশন মাইলেজ 115-120km
মোটর প্রতি পিস 5000 ওয়াট
চাকা 11inch
নেট ওজন এবং স্থূল ওজন 54kg / 63kg
পণ্যের আকার L*w*h: 1300*560*1030 (মিমি)
প্যাকেজিং আকার L*w*h: 1330*320*780 (মিমি)

সার্জারির বৈদ্যুতিক স্কুটার are the new development, and it’s as a result of there are loads of benefits of it by these scooters to its customers. There are different brands that had been selling the electric scooters in different fashions based on the value and specifications. Once you go to the market to search for an electric scooter, you’re going to seek out not a couple of however loads of them also in the electric scooter evaluate. Electric scooters do not require any type of petrol or diesel, however you’ll be able to solely run them over electricity, which is saved within the battery positioned within the scooter. The operation of the scooter over the battery reduces the cost of transport. Additionally it is considered one of crucial causes because of which thousands and thousands of individuals from across the globe are using electric scooters nowadays. The scooters are very fashionable for climbing on the mountain as these can climb on a 45° angle.
It’s the moisture that goes into the engine that makes it cease working. But as I’ve said, it is unlikely to occur because of the motor housing works to avoid such a difficulty. You by no means know, one way or the other the water might creep into your gravity blade electric scooter’s motor. Or this can even occur if you depart your scooter within the rain or direct a hose in direction of it. Whatever the reason might be, if the issue isn’t with the battery or unfastened wire, then it is the next probable trigger for the difficulty. And if that’s the case, then you need to go to a mechanic for assist as it is one thing that you just shouldn’t strive to repair by yourself. Maybe you’ve submerged the scooter in water. That’s because you might need to disassemble the motor and wipe it dry earlier than assembling it once more. And not everybody will be capable to do it for positive.
You’re going to get a 100% German machine, with all the benefits that come from that.The company was based by a successful Kickstarter marketing campaign, which is all the time an ideal signal. Not a basic electric kick scooter, since it has a seat and it’s longer than most scooters. They’ve been dropped at life by a creative imaginative and prescient backed by loving users from the very begin.They solely have one model for now, the Scrooser One. Here’s an concept… what if you put bluetooth speakers in your electric scooter? That’s what the Lehe brand is all about. You (and everyone round you) can now hearken to sounds popping out of your scooter.I don’t know, possibly I’m getting previous. I know children lately walk round with their many devices blasting various kinds of bad music. But I don’t imagine in forcing other individuals to listen to no matter you want to hearken to in the moment.Lehe scooters assume that’s a good suggestion.Anyway, we’re right here to speak about scooters.Lehe scooters don’t offer that much performance for their worth.
The GoTrax GKS Plus is very just like the regular GoTrax GKS, with one huge exception: This model has LEDs built into the downtube and deck, which makes it lots cooler to look at – and a bit extra visible in darker conditions. The GKS Plus additionally has a unique safety system; in order for the scooter to go, your little one has to press down on two sensors on the scooter’s deck; as soon as they raise a foot, the scooter’s motor will stop. When you can’t change the colors of the LEDs, you possibly can select a blue, pink, gray (white) or pink mannequin. Stylish children who choose to take a seat down instead of standing up might just like the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro electric scooter, a severely cool journey. Like the remainder of the Razor family, it is available in quite a lot of colours and even features a cubby for stowing books, jackets or whatever else must be saved.
Accordingly, it most definitely will malfunction and thus not offering any shock absorption. The manufacturers make them in such a design to correspond to the burden limit they carry. So accommodating an additional particular person on the scooter exerts excessive weight and pressure on the tires. While you compare the tire of e-scooters and motorcycles, electric scooters have thin and small tires. Besides, the excessive stress on the tires will increase the chance of getting frequent punctures. When determining the dimensions of the motor to fit on a scooter, several factors come into mind, payload included. Accordingly, that will increase the danger of the tires skidding, particularly when negotiating a turn. Thus double riding dangers overloading the engine. As such, the e-scooter may not perform to its full potential. But worse, the strain could trigger burn out of the motor or tripping overload security circuitry. Besides the motor overload, the pressure could trigger harm to the frame and other mechanical elements. Ultimately, the overall restore for the same scooter may be very costly.
Suitable for both children and adults weighing as much as 220 pounds, the Lascoota Scooter Pro is one of the crucial inexpensive electric scooters on the market. You can usually buy it for beneath $100. It even folds up so that you can take it within the automobile wherever you go. Reviewers say it’s fun and rides effectively on numerous terrains. If you happen to plan to make use of your scooter to commute round your city, look to the Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter. With a weight limit of 220 pounds, it might probably go up to 18.6 miles per hour for 40 miles. It requires six hours of charging time. In addition to the nice worth, it gives plenty of safety options, a easy experience and four adjustable heights. Reviewers like that it fits within the trunks of even compact cars, that it’s comfortable to journey and that it has a nice battery life.
And they are far ahead of quantity 3.The Qiewa Q Power is a spectacular electric scooter, not only for heavy adults. With 55 mph / 88 kmh prime velocity, it even surpasses the 50 mph category.Its 660 lbs / 300 kg of weight capability is powered by the 3200 Watt peak energy motor. It’s not nearly as expensive as a few of the other scooters on this list.While the 660 lbs / 300 kg weight restrict might sound like an excessive amount of, it’ll make a distinction for folks well above 250 lbs / 114 kg. It’s guarded in opposition to humidity by an IP rating of IPX5.And my favourite part? The Qiewa Q Power is the clear alternative for a 50 mph scooter for heavy adults.Where to buy the Qiewa Q Power from? For the UK, Ireland, and many EU international locations, the most effective place to get the Qiewa Q Power by far will probably be Amazon UK.
When now we have a sting in our mind of buying two-wheelers and that too electric we by no means go for second hand, like that each particular person wishes to personal one two-wheeler in life. As everyone knows the world is developing as identical as the pollution so why not purchase some electric two-wheelers? In a comparability of bikes and scooters, electric scooters are more in demand as in comparison with electric bikes but hope that get soon in markets. When many people consider electric two-wheeler scooters and bikes, low ranged and brief powered scooters come in our thoughts. But yet, the hero company has promised that within the 2021-2022 year they are going to launch a minimum of 3 electric bikes, which can be a piece of great news for all of the bike lovers as nicely. This model new electric bike Revolt RV400 at the moment is only obtainable in only and only two cities which are Delhi and Pune.Due to Covid-19 we wish to notify you that there may be delays. It might take two to a few weeks dependent on the scooter/wheelchair, but we’re beginning to see distribution waits get sooner. You should utilize the buses and mild rail to get round however as aforementioned you might be a lot better getting round utilizing a automobile that may carry/carry you বৈদ্যুতিক গতিশীলতা স্কুটার. Our providers usually are not in a position to ship out a lot faster and we count on to return to our 2-5 enterprise days for supply of your mobile electric scooter sooner slightly than later. Most of Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica and San Fernando Valley are very degree and a breeze to get around. There’s a mountain range that separates San Fernando Valley, Burbank and Pasadena from Downton LA, Santa Monica and Orange County. Much of Hollywood and Hollywood hills are situated along very steep canyons and mountain slopes.

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ওজন 65 কেজি
মাত্রা 134 × 45 × 55 সেমি

পণ্য ভিডিও

পণ্য সেবা

ব্র্যান্ড: OEM/ODM/Haibadz
ন্যূনতম অর্ডার পরিমাণ: 1 টুকরা / টুকরা
সরবরাহের ক্ষমতা: প্রতি মাসে 3000 পিস / পিস
পোর্ট: শেনজেন/গুয়াংঝো
পেমেন্ট শর্তাবলী: T/T/, L/C, PAYPAL, D/A, D/P
1 পিস মূল্য: 1794usd প্রতি পিস
10 পিস মূল্য: 1705usd প্রতি পিস


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